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Applicable to all contributions (as outlined in the  Call for Abstracts) to the 19th EAHIL Conference, this guide is designed to assist authors, especially those who are new to EAHIL. The guidelines are intentionally broad in scope to offer comprehensive support. The aim of the International Program Committee (IPC) is to facilitate the submission of high-quality abstracts through these guidelines.

Below you will find what information is required for your abstract submission and you can use these templates to prepare the text for your submission via the ExOrdo abstract submission system.

Content of abstract

The content of the abstract should contain the following information:

  • a clear statement of purpose
  • a brief summary of the present situation related to your subject (a short summary of the literature or current practice in order to provide the necessary background, context, or introduction of your contribution)
  • a description of the methods, approaches or techniques you plan to use if your abstract is related to a workshop or continuing education session
  • a concise overview of your input or key highlights

The IPC will evaluate the abstracts using the following criteria:

  • relevance to conference theme
  • clarity, coherence and organization of writing
  • relevance to practice
  • contribution of the work

Structure of abstract

Your abstract should be structured in either research presentation or practice presentation format (please see below how to structure your abstract).

Please note that your abstract must not exceed 500 words, encompassing the reference list, excluding the title. The title itself should be limited to 25 words. You can access this information within the ExOrdo abstract submission system.

 Abstract Templates

Proposed Oral / Poster presentation abstract template

Template file




Max 25 words 




Identify which conference sub-themes this proposal matches


ABSTRACT (Max 500 words)


N.B. Please note if your submission is accepted this abstract will be used in the conference brochure, conference website, social media and other platforms and outlets 




Please list up to 5 keywords to describe your abstract


Research template 












Sharing practice template 










Outcomes and next steps: 


Proposed Interactive Workshop or Continuing Education Course abstract 

Template file




Max 25 words



Identify which conference sub-themes this proposal matches


Description / agenda of session:

Max 500 words - describe the content that will be covered 


Description of design for interactivity:

Max 100 words - describe the design for practical exercises, group work, or other innovative methods e.g. Knowledge Café / Speed Networking / Fishbowl / Flipped Classroom / Pyramid Discussion etc. 


Learning Outcomes or Session Outputs:

Refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide; For Session Outputs from interactive workshops with co-creation objectives, please describe the tools, resources, or other types of co-created materials that the participants will contribute and be able to use after the workshop 


Target audience:

Describe who the intended audience is



Describe what level the workshop/learning session is aimed at  - Introductory / Intermediate /Advanced  


Prior knowledge or experience needed in participants: 


Is preparation in advance by participants applicable? (Yes/No) 


Biography(ies) of Workshop presenter(s):

Please provide bio



List up to 5 keywords to describe your workshop



  • Interactive workshops (from 75 or 150 minutes)

  • Continuing education courses (CECs) (half day or full day)

Facilities required:

E.g. presentation facilities, whiteboard/ flip-over, type of furniture arrangement, type of room, computers for participants, electricity points for laptops, etc.


Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of authors per submission?

It is possible to have an unlimited number of authors for submission

What is the maximum number of presenting authors per submission?

It is possible to have an unlimited number of presenting authors.

Do you require a biography for each presenting author?

It is not obligatory for all submission types, but authors have to provide a biography when submitting for an Interactive Workshop or Continuing Education Course.

What is the word limit for presenting author's biography?

The provided biography cannot exceed 100 words.

What is the maximum number of the Conference themes that can be chosen?

Submitters can choose more than one theme per submission.